Looking to raise funds for your business?

Not sure of the best route to take?

Join us on this free webinar.

Daniel will cover the importance of cashflow forecasts, business pans, and knowing your numbers when it comes to raising funding.

Magdalena will assist you to navigate lending in the current climate and all the different cash flow and loan products you can apply for including the Recovery Loan Scheme. What the funder and underwriter are looking for e.g., Business credit rating, personal credit rating, utilisation of overdrafts and credit cards. She will also give us some great tips on how to improve your credit ratings so you can get loans at better interest rates!

Zibi will explain the types of grants and funding available from the central government, local authorities and many other sources. You will be amazed at what money is still out there to be claimed to help support your businesses growth!

Facebook tells you all about the panel. Daniel, Magdalena, Zibi

Webinar is 14th June 2021

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